Junior Clinic 6-16
This class is designed for beginner to intermediate level Juniors ages 6 through 16. Instruction is focused around the fundamentals of all types of shots, including full swing, chipping, pitching and putting.

Junior Camps 6-16
Junior camps are for juniors age 6 through 16. Camps are held primarily in the summer and during school holidays. Instruction includes the fundamentals of full swing, chipping, putting, and rules and etiquette. Our ultimate goal is to get juniors interested in and excited about the game of golf.

 jr camp

Coach Ike is the best golf coach we have worked with.  He told my daughter long ago that in golf, practice makes permanent – better to get it right from the start.”
 ~ Emily Slate

I have been playing golf seriously for the last 10 years.  I have taken many golf lessons with many different instructors.  It wasn’t until I started taking lessons with Ike, at Strike Golf Academy, that I started seeing significant improvement in my game and lower scores.  Ike has a unique talent for analyzing a golf swing very quickly and a very easy teaching approach.”
~  Dennis Dwulet

Coach Ike makes learning golf fun. He helped my find a smooth way to chip and pitch. I was having trouble with my putting where I was having a hard time with distances and Coach Ike helped me establish a good tempo for my putting stroke. He's really good at making creative drills that are fun and  effective. My golf game is really improving and I look forward to LEARNING EVEN MORE.
~ Logan Sanders